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Recipe for Healthy Holidays: Food for Thought

Holidays can bring out the relaxing, upbeat best (and sometimes the hectic,tense worst) in kids and parents. These times highlight the challenges of effective parenting. They are a “tester” of sorts. How can parents promote the warm atmosphere that defines the best of life in a healthy family? Parenting starts with understanding your own personality and temperament: knowing your strengths and weaknesses. The ability to listen and engage your child in conversation while tuning in to their wants and needs will always be important. The recipe for creating the intangible but palpable tone of a healthy family starts with the […]


Starting School: A Roadmap for Change-Sensitive Kids

Kids who are worriers and sensitive to change often have problems starting school.  This process most affects kids starting kindergarten, but prior school experience does not guarantee easy adaptation to starting school. This is my basic outline that I offer parents who are navigating this transition:  1. Kids who are worriers often are more routine-driven and have more difficulty adapting to changes such as starting school. 2. As a parent, you have to understand this temperament and know yourself–the more clear you are about how you handle change, the better you will be about helping your child with school start-up. […]