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TCAMP: Take Charge Asthma Management Program

Does your child take daily asthma medications? Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Becca McCurdy reviews MD Pediatrics’s TCAMP (Take Charge Asthma Management) Program for our patients who use asthma medications on a daily basis. It’s important to use your medications everyday, even when you’re feeling well!         Transcript: “Hi, I’m Becca McCurdy, one of the pediatric nurse practitioners here at MD Pediatrics. I’d like to take a moment to review our T-CAMP asthma management program for patients who take daily asthma medications. 1) Every 6 Months If you take daily asthma medications, you should have a T-CAMP appointment 6 months […]


Video: Travel Health Tips

Traveling abroad with your family? Our Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Amanda Whisnant reviews some travel health tips to keep in mind, as well as how to prepare before your trip.     Transcript Hi, I’m Amanda Whisnant, one of the nurse practitioners at MD Pediatrics. Today I’d like to address some common questions regarding your family’s health when you travel internationally. When you’re making plans to travel overseas with your family, making sure that you receive the proper vaccines and medications is just as important as booking flights and hotels. It’s easy to forget about these details until the last minute, but since […]

4 Questions with Amanda

Amanda, what inspired you to enter medicine? As a young child, I was diagnosed with asthma. In those days, it was a scary and unfamiliar diagnosis for families to receive. I was constantly shuffled back & forth between pulmonology and allergy appointments. Though it was a scary, it helped prepare me to be more sympathetic and understanding to parents & children facing a difficult diagnosis. I was also positively influenced by many relatives in the healthcare field (MDs, NPs, and RNs). During my middle and high school years, I started volunteering in a local Ambulatory Care Center & Hospital, in […]

Introducing Your Child to Highly Allergic Foods

Given the recent news about the new recommendations for preventing peanut allergies, we at MD Pediatrics would like to take the time to review our parental guidelines on how to introduce highly allergic foods, like eggs, peanuts, and fish, to infants.   Current recommendations are that infants should be introduced to solids around the age of 4-6 months.   New research recommends introducing peanut-containing products to infants (unless they are high risk) between 4-11 months of age because delaying the introduction of peanuts can be associated with an increased risk of peanut allergy.   Infants are considered “high risk” for food […]

Pediatric Care, At Home and Abroad

I’m Amanda Whisnant, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at MD Pediatrics. I love taking care of your children at our Flower Mound office. For the past 10 years, I’ve also been traveling to Belize as a volunteer to provide medical care for children who would otherwise not have access to healthcare.    Many of the children I serve in Belize are malnourished and suffer from tropical diseases, parasites, skin and other infections. Most are poor; with many living in huts made of leaves and sticks with mud floors in remote jungle villages. Because of the poverty, they often cannot afford basic […]