Pediatric Care, At Home and Abroad

Amanda Medical Mission

Amanda Medical MissionI’m Amanda Whisnant, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at MD Pediatrics. I love taking care of your children at our Flower Mound office. For the past 10 years, I’ve also been traveling to Belize as a volunteer to provide medical care for children who would otherwise not have access to healthcare. 


Many of the children I serve in Belize are malnourished and suffer from tropical diseases, parasites, skin and other infections. Most are poor; with many living in huts made of leaves and sticks with mud floors in remote jungle villages. Because of the poverty, they often cannot afford basic medications like Children’s Tylenol, much less prescription medications, including antibiotics.


In our Medical Mission, I (and the volunteers I lead) provide free health care and medication (thanks to generous donations through International Servants, from people just like you) to thousands of children in remote jungle villages each year.


We set up our Medical Clinics in areas where we are starting churches, as it’s a wonderful way to open hearts to God, by meeting their medical needs. We often encounter children in our Medical Clinics that need life-saving surgery (heart murmurs, accident victims, etc.), surgeries which aren’t available in Belize. Through our Save-A-Child’s Life program, we raise money and fly the children to the US for the surgery. We coordinate this program with other US charities, Rotary and Children’s Hospitals. It’s a lot of work and fundraising, but it’s very rewarding to save a precious child’s life!


Seeing the extreme poverty has impacted my heart, and made me thankful for the small things we have in America, like access to healthcare, a home and food on the table.


My husband, Dr. Paul Whisnant, is the founder of a nonprofit, Christian Mission in Belize called International Servants, which has been serving Belize since 1990 through Church planting, Orphan Ministry, Feed-A-Child Programs, Medical Missions and our Save-A-Child’s Life Program.


To see photos and videos of my volunteer Mission work in Belize, or to give to help us buy critically needed medication or save the next child’s life, visit or