Virtual Visits are Here!

Virtual Visits with Dr. Vani

Meet With a Doctor from Home

We’re excited to announce that MD Pediatrics is now offering virtual visits! You can now meet with Dr. Vani, Dr. Forbes, or Dr. Kincaid from the comfort of your own home for limited types of appointments.

Virtual Visits with Dr. Vani

If your family is planning on traveling internationally, you can schedule a Travel Health virtual consultation with Dr. Vani. Dr. Vani can walk you through what vaccines or medications your family may need, as well as reviewing health safety tips for the region of the world that you’ll be visiting.

For our patients with behavior health conditions, Dr. Forbes and Dr. Kincaid now offer virtual visits for select follow up appointments. If your child is responding well to their current treatment plan, Dr. Kincaid or Dr. Forbes might suggest a virtual follow up visit so that your child’s prescription can be renewed without having to visit the office.

To inquire these type of visits, simply call our office at 972-420-1475 and learn if there is a virtual appointment available that fits your needs!