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Summer and Social Distancing

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing, summer is already looking different this year.
With all these differences parents have a lot of questions regarding travel, summer camps and mor! We are here to help you sort out what the best options are for you and your family.


Exam Room Etiquette: Take A Break From Your Devices 

In today’s connected world, it can be necessary to fill up every free second checking emails and responding to never-ending phone notifications. It is common for me to hear buzzes and beeps emanating from purses and pockets while I am in exam rooms, and as a doctor, I can empathize with feeling like you’re always on call. That’s why I’d like to suggest some guidelines for technology in the exam room, so that together we can create an intentional and respectful place for us all to be present and focused. My first suggestion is to think of the appointment as […]

Cooking with Kids: The Benefits of Making Food Memories

“Mom, what’s for lunch?” The next time your kids ask you what’s on the menu, turn the question around: “What would you like us to make?” Cooking with your kids has many benefits, from practicing math concepts like counting, measurement, and fractions, to helping picky eaters engage other senses to become comfortable with new foods. Kneading dough, washing fresh vegetables, and peeling garlic all involve texture and smell in a way that promotes new flavors. I also like to emphasize “eating all of the colors of the rainbow” with my patients. This encourages young ones to explore the visually beautiful hues […]

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Video: Dr. Forbes on Behavioral Health

What is a Patient-Centered Medical Home and why does it matter? Dr. Forbes explains, detailing why the Patient-Centered Medical Home approach delivers better results for patients with behavioral health conditions like ADHD.   Transcript Hi, I’m Dr. Michelle Forbes. I am a pediatrician at MD Pediatrics, and I’d like to talk about behavioral health today. At MD Pediatrics, we treat all of our patients, especially patients with behavioral health conditions, in the context of a Patient-Centered Medical Home. Patient-Centered Medical Home Patient-Centered Medical Home is a designation that we’re proud to have, and that means that we treat each patient as […]

4 Questions with Dr. Forbes

[vc_row][vc_column el_class=”blog-body”][vc_column_text]Do you have children? If so, how have they impacted your career? I have two children: a daughter who is 24 and starting her second year of Medical School and a son, 25, who is interested in music. They were my first teachers in Pediatrics.  I was fortunate to stay home with them for several years before returning to medical school. I was able experience their attainment of developmental milestones personally and up close.  I was also very fortunate to have the opportunity to practice one of my passions with them daily: reading books and fostering language development. What […]