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What do you like most about your job?Kim Mowery
There are two things that I find most gratifying about my job.  The first is the fact that I get to watch my patients grow and get to enjoy each stage of their life. I love getting to be a part of their life.  I also find it tremendously gratifying to be able to care for kids and counsel parents during difficult times.  It is so awesome to be able to offer help in various ways.


Do you have children? If so, how have they impacted your career?
I have two daughters (11 and 8).  Being a Mom has made me a much better healthcare provider.  I feel like it has given me a sense of empathy that I didn’t have before.  There are so many times when I find myself counseling parents through situations I have been through myself.  Parenting has taught me to take the time to truly listen to my patients and parents–to be the sounding board they need.  I try always to treat my patients as I would treat my own children.  I think parents appreciate knowing that my decision making is not only influenced by my medical knowledge but by my knowledge as a Mom as well.


What challenges do you see for the future of medicine?
The biggest challenge we are facing is balancing quality care with cost efficiency.  Healthcare and health insurance has changed so much in recent years.  I am constantly trying to find ways to provide the best care possible while making it affordable for patients/parents.


Why did you choose this speciality?
I chose pediatrics because kids are the best.  They have such a zest for life and are so resilient.  I never know what a kid will say–and that brings me much laughter and joy on a daily basis.  I truly feel like children are our future so it is my job to teach them to be healthy not only physically but emotionally as well.