4 Questions with Dr. Shumate

Dr. Lisa Shumate


Dr. Shumate, what inspired you to enter medicine?
When I was six, our local hospital held a Teddy Bear Clinic where we all got to go through the ER and “heal” our stuffed animals “hurts.” I was sold. I decided I wanted to be a doctor and haven’t turned back.


What do you like most about your job?
My patients are definitely the best part of my job. I love watching my patients grow and develop their personalities. I also love medical science and translating that science into everyday practice.


Why did you choose pediatrics as a specialty?
I can’t imagine choosing any other specialty. The kids make our job so much fun. They are hilarious, honest, determined, and full of adventure. I am honored that my patients’ families allow me into their lives to care for their precious little ones. My goal is to partner with my families to help their children thrive.


What’s something about you that patients might not know?
I play classical piano, and I have a pretty good 3-point shot from my days playing high school basketball.